❤ Become an active Friend of Whidbey State Parks

Our members love our local State Parks! 

Here are ways that members are helping to make a difference for the parks...

1st Day Hike

Windstorms cause branches to fall onto trails, invasive plants need to be removed and lawns need mowing. You can  help keep the parks spruced up and ready for fun activities. Volunteers work under the guidance of a volunteer Team Leader who has been trained by Park staff. You can choose the parks you want to work in and invite your friends to be part of the trail team. Or perhaps you would like to be a Team Leader?

Special Events

Our state parks have special events scheduled throughout the year. Events at Fort Casey in 2017 included an Easter Scavenger Hunt, Music in the Park, Movie in the Park, National Lighthouse Day, Haunted Fort and Light Up Your Holiday. A Program Specialist coordinates special events and programs throughout the year. Funds raised through special events are used to help maintain the park.

Clean Up the Ft. Ebey Campground

You can adopt a favorite trail or beach, care for historic buildings,  improve habitat for wildlife...there's a lot to do in the parks! You'll be trained by a Team Leader and can create your own schedule.  Invite your family and friends to join you for fun and exercise while you help your adopted park! Stay fit and enjoy nature as you care for natural areas. Have fun and make a difference!
Fort Casey Volunteer Battalion
Join the Fort Casey Volunteer Battalion and learn about the history of Fort Casey so you can be a tour guide and teach visitors about everyday life at the Fort during WW l and WW ll.
Battalion volunteers conduct tours of the fort and special rooms in the batteries every Friday, Saturday and Sunday in the summer and on holidays throughout the year.

South Whidbey SP

Spring Clean Up

Busloads of students in the spring, campers in the summer and visitors all year...we love to learn about our parks! Help with interpretive programs is always needed. Jr. Ranger and summer programs, scavenger hunts, nature walks and native plant identification. Sign up to learn from the State Park Interpretive Specialist, so you can teach park visitors. 

Park Office
Assistance & other needs...
There are many ways you can lend a hand to support our local state parks: year-round office assistance; preserving, caring for and doing research on historic buildings; mowing; park  construction projects and greeting visitors are a few. Let us know what skills you would like to share!
Learn about the history of the Admiralty Head Lighthouse, built in 1903, and Fort Casey while getting trained to be a Lighthouse Docent. The light- house has a small museum and a gift shop that is run by the docents. You can climb a circular staircase to the top of the tower for great views! 
Learn more about becoming a lighthouse docent.
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As a volunteer or donor you can help our local parks be Great
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