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Why State Parks need Friends & How You can Help... 

 Washington State Parks were historically funded through the State General Fund.

  State Legislators cut park funding for the 2009-2011 budget by more than 50%.


 To keep parks open 1/3 of permanent full-time staff was laid off. Seasonal staff, park programs, maintenance and overall operations were reduced. Some parks were considered for closure or

private development. Park users said NO to closing parks or privatizing them.

State General Funds currently make up only 17% of State Park revenue.

In July 2017 State Legislators did not pass the Capitol Budget for 2018-2019 so State Parks had to

lay off additional employees in October. The Capitol Budget finally passed on January 19th, 2018.

Discover Passes Help to Keep Our Parks Open!

 A $30 pass gives you access to 142 State Parks for a year

It's a great bargain.  The cost of a 1 day pass is $10 

Purchase your Discover Pass Online: 

         At your local State Park

At most sporting goods stores (will include a service charge)

  You can help your parks thrive!
           Join our Friends group &
                 Make a Difference   

Photo by Craig Johnson

Photo by Craig Johnson

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