Fun Activities...      in  Whidbey State Parks!

WIBC organizes rides for road bikers and mountain bikers.

We host social rides for beginners, training rides for experienced cyclists & events such as Mussels in the Kettles & Cookin in the Kettles. We also ride with other clubs. 

Whidbey Island Kite Fliers (WIKF) is a local kite club made up of people who like to fly kites of all kinds....single line, dual line, and quad line. Our goal is to promote the enjoyment of kite flying and teach people to fly or just have them fly with us.

Fun for all ages! Paint a small rock. Discover a rock left by another visitor along the trail. Exchange rocks and post a photo on the Whidbey Rocks Facebook page. Kids love to explore our beautiful State Parks. Their passion for the outdoors will be key to securing the future for our local parks!

Geocaching is a modern day treasure hunting game. You search for hidden containers using a GPS-enabled device like your cell phone. When you find the geocache you sign the logbook and can exchange an item for one in the container. Fort Ebey State Park and the  Kettles Trails have over 45 geocaches! 

Do you have a fun activity that you love to do in our local
State Parks?
 Let us know about your group!