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Friends Volunteers Caring For
Our Parks!

Highlights from our 2022 Projects:
South Whidbey - Replace Rotting Creosote Steps
Joseph Whidbey - Invasive Teasel Removed #3
Possession Point - Box Steps Built, Trail to Beach
Ft. Ebey - Holy Trinity Youth
Remove Underbrush
Joseph Whidbey Teasel Removal Patch #2
Joseph Whidbey - Pull Invasive Teasel, Navy ATC 
Joseph Whidbey - Navy Removed English Ivy
Fort Ebey - Navy ATC Removed Scotch Broom
South Whidbey - Yellow Archangel & Holly Pull

Joseph Whidbey - Ivy & Hemlock Removed
South Whidbey - Yellow Archangel Removed
Ebey's Landing - Bridge Replaced
Fort Ebey - Scout Troop 4058 - Ivy Pulled
Fort Ebey - Camp Cleanup & Scotch Broom Pull

Fort Casey - Invasive Cudweed Removed
Possession Point - Steps Installed
Joseph Whidbey - Invasive Plants Removed 
South Whidbey - Bench Restored

2021 Accomplishments January-June
2021 Accomplishments July-December
Highlights from our 2021 Projects  
John Roomes Tribute & Trailer Update
Joseph Whidbey - Removing Ivy, Saving Trees
South Whidbey - Box Steps Completed!
South Whidbey - Building Box Steps, Aug & Sept

South Whidbey - Building Box Steps, August
Fort Casey - More Invasive Weeds Pulled!
Fort Casey - Remove Invasives & New Fence
Ebey's Landing - Invasive Weed Pull

Bill's Amazing Picnic Table Team
Possession Point - Trail Improvement

South Whidbey Spruce Up the Park
Ft Ebey -Remove Scotch Broom
Joseph Whidbey - Remove Poison Hemlock
Fort Ebey - Build 3 Tent Pads, Hiker/Biker Site
Fort Casey Trail to the Beach Rebuild
Building Benches from Blowdown
Joseph Whidbey Cleanup & Invasive Weed Pull
Fort Ebey Campground Cleanup 
"What's That Bird?" Presentation 
Fort Ebey - Building Tent Pads 
Fort Ebey Campground Cleanup 

2020 Accomplishments
        Highlights from our 2020 Projects:
Fort Ebey Campground Cleanup
Hiking, Kids Resources & Geology
Volunteer Projects - Spring
Connecting with Nature Through Journaling
2 Washington State Park Foundation Grants
Staying Invasive Weeds - Joseph Whidbey
Removing Poison Hemlock - Joseph Whidbey
Possession Point SP Trail Signs
Donated Wells Cargo Trailer and Tools
2019 Accomplishments
        Highlights from our 2019 Projects:
Fort Ebey SP - Clean Up the Campground
South Whidbey SP - Ridge Trail Repair 
Clean up South Whidbey State Park
Possession Point SP - Remove Invasive Plants
Joseph Whidbey SP - Clean Up the Park
Fort Casey - Volunteers Build 16 Picnic Tables
New Cedar Bench at South Whidbey SP
Fort Casey Trail to the Beach Rebuild
2018 Accomplishments

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